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The familiar Su Lithu country boutique Hotel is almost suspended above the roofs of Bitti, the village known worldwide as the Borgo dei Tenores, named after its famous chorus of Tenore singing which is recognized in the UNESCO intangible heritage list.

Located in the Sardinia inland where the granite rocks of Gallura meet the limestone massifs of Barbagia and the corkoak forests give way to the plateau green pastures. The Country Boutique Hotel  Su Lithu is situated in a wonderful position overlooking the small traditional village of Bitti with an amazing view of the close by mountain Montalbo and its valleys.

Bitti is only 30 miles from Nuoro, where the limestone rocks of the Montalbo becomes the shelter for small jewels like the archaeological site of Romanzesu, hidden in a fairy forest, and the tiny excellent museums where tradition and knowledge are well kept and displaied.

The beautiful villa surrounded by its green park, evokes the feeling of days gone by, fascinating visitors with the attention to detail.

In fact, every detail has been chosen to reflect the cultural heritage of the region. Inside the Country Boutique hotel you always feel at home with antique curtains and tapestries and local artwork from contemporary Sardinian artists.

Su Lithu Country Boutique Hotel offers an amazing traditional cuisine restaurant,  large swimming pool, lounge bar, children’s playground a  small meeting room , and wi-fi within the rooms and around the hotel. In the restaurant or in the  panoramic terrace overlooking the village, you can enjoy a perfect quiet summer evening, drinking a cocktail or trying one of the many Sardinian wines of our selection. Our Boutique Hotel offers many experiences such  as  cooking classes and tasty workshops, amazing visit at our vineyard, or wine and  cheese tasting by our panoramic terrace, various  cultural and  archeological tours in the surroundings.