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To book an hotel room is never a complete experience unless you are not going to sleep in Bitti at our Country Boutique hotel.  Our 18 rooms are  appointed chests with a strong personality where the atmosphere is intimate and every detail is chosen carefully.

Each room has a story to tell: the chestnut wood exposed beams, the warm colours of the wovens and the peculiar objects evocate a romantic past, something alike the atmospheres described by the pen of Grazia Deledda, the famous writer born in Nuoro who was the first female to be awarded with the Nobel literature prize in 1927.

The fusion between different but complementary elements reminds of our island: a destination rich in contradictions, surrounded by the sea and bruised by the drought,  suspicious and tremendously welcoming at the same time. Wild but barely gentle, insulated but clearly free.

The days at the Country Boutique Hotel Su Lithu, start with an hymn to relax:  the sunlight warms the room and its golden light invites you to admire the generous landscape around you with unspoilt nature starring.

In the Bar underneath, a rich breakfast of genuine and authentic flavour is a great starting to explore the surroundings where lush green mountains pair with the intense blue of the sea.

From the balcony of your room, sipping a glass of our wine immersed in the quiet you will be amazed by a unique panoramic view cradled by the hawk dancing in the blue and watching from above the life of our small borgo in the province of Nuoro.

Peace, postcard sceneries and classy furniture are not the only features of our rooms. We have got 16 panoramic standard rooms capable for additional beds and 2 master rooms Superior  with Jacuzzi and view over the valley. Each room comes with telephone, TV sat, minibar, locker, air conditioning, a rich courtesy set, wi-fi and the certainty that all of your wishes will come true thanks to our staff.