Traditional cuisine restaurant

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At the Su Lithu traditional cuisine restaurant, thanks to the passion and skill of the owners, guest can have a ‘gastronomic experience’ with the some of the best cooking in Sardinia. We use fresh local products harvested from our vegetable patch and small local producers in Bitti (our lovely village closed to Nuoro).

Meals and recipes, often with unpronounceable names, are illustrated by Dario Giovanetti and his wife Susana.

The Sardinian traditional cuisine is preserved and made contemporary at our family restaurant. It’s the Giovanetti family to take care of the gastronomic offer. Each member of the family gives his contribution according to its passion. Babbo Igino and Michele, for instance, are in charge of the Cannonau D.O.C. wine production, EVO oil and the other ingredients such as fruits and vegetables from our garden. Ivana is the wizard of desserts: she bakes with love cakes and traditional sweets to a sweet beginning of a good day or indulge after dinner; our professional chefs, who are part of the family, prepare the traditional recipes with an eye on creativity. Last but not least, our amazing staff always ready to take care of our guests.

Together we celebrate Sardinian traditional cuisine serving gluten free, vegetarian and vegan menus.

In the traditional cuisine restaurant you can view many local artists work including paintings, ceramics and weaving – many of which are available for sale.

If you asked Google where to eat in Bitti and surroundings make sure the Country Boutique Hotel Su Lithu restaurant is the answer!

Eat at Su Lithu traditional cuisine restaurant