Sala Congressi


    Meetings and events in Nuoro and surroundings.

    Conference hall

    Theater of important regional and national events, the conference room of the Country Boutique Hotel Su Lithu is faithful to the typical style of the hotel and is the most suitable location for organizing meetings and events in Nuoro and the province. Inside the room, soft and relaxing colors predominate, which promote concentration, productivity and calm. The rooms are equipped with the most modern features such as video projectors, piped music and, if necessary, or at the request of customers, the staff is able to provide additional professional equipment. The hall of the 4-star Hotel in Bitti allows the organization of meetings, exhibitions, conventions and conferences capable of hosting from 15 to 250 people, and has been the setting for events of great cultural, social and gastronomic interest. Among these the meeting in 2016 between the well-known entrepreneur Flavio Briatore from Cuneo and the shepherds of central northern Sardinia; this meeting gave birth to the pecorino cheese brand Bithi di Barbagia, of the excellences produced from the milk of sheep raised in the flowery pastures that only the Barbagia nature can offer. Or again, the temporary exhibition in 2014 “Il Popolo Bronzo”, an exhibition that reproduced the real dimension of Nuragic bronze tools, weapons and clothes found in many sites in Sardinia, from north to south. Furthermore, our conference room is chosen by numerous companies wishing to set events and meetings in a place surrounded by greenery, with a panoramic view of Montalbo and the small and charming village of Bitti. An advantage of theconference room of the Country Boutique Hotel su Lithuis the immediate proximity to the traditional cuisine restaurant of the Hotel, which can host moments of break from events, with dishes and drinks that pay homage to the local gastronomy and differ in authenticity and variety. For small breaks, guests can take advantage of the Bar, a welcoming space near the swimming pool, which features an inviting outdoor veranda and an indoor area for the colder months.

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